Oxana Lychagina is a head designer and owner of OLSTUDIO, an architectural, interior and product design studio based in Moscow. The company was found in 1998. Since then we have realized more then 200 projects. There were high-end residences, apartments, SPA, beauty centers, hotels and restaurants in absolutely different styles. During the existence we have been published more than 50 times in Russian and international interior design magazines, such as “Salon”, “Best Interiors”, “Archidom” etc. After 15 years of professional experience in architecture and interior design, OLSTUDIO decided to include new field – product design and decoration. Oxana Lychagina has expended her design talents to produce custom furniture, home décor, accessories, collections of tiles, bathroom furniture and exclusive tableware that can be specially designed for our needs. OLSTUDIO’s projects in the high-end residential and commercial designs fields are internationally known in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Cyprus and Arab Emirates.  

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